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Neutralizing: The Crude Oil temporarily stored in Crude Oil Tank is pumped into neutralizing tank by Oil Pump. The oil is mixed with alkali lye in Mixer and neutralized in Neutralizing Tank, free fatty acid has been neutralized or saponified to be Soapstock.

Physical refining: physical Refining means removing gum in the oil in process of degumming in special method and removing the FFA in process of deodorizing by steam. It has the following features:
1. Less oil loss and high oil refining ratio;
2. No waste water in process of production;
3. More FFA is distilled out;
4. More suitable for oil with high acid value and low gum-impurity.

Chemical Refining: chemical Refining means removing FFA in a chemical way (acid-base neutralization). Gum and soapfoot is separated out by centrifuges. Chemical refining has following features:
1. Fine Adaptability and less requirement to crude oil quality;
2. Consistent product oil is got;
3. Less clay is added into compared with physical refining.

Bleaching: High-activity clay is added into oil, mix and heat mixture of oil and clay to make the small particle of pigment absorbed on the crystal of clay. At last filtering the oil, perfect mechanism, liable performance, well configured equipment.

Deodorizing: Most heat of bleached oil is recovered by heat exchangers, the bleached oil is heated to the process temperature by mineral oil or high pressure steam and then the oil enters into the combined deodorizer, the deodorizer is a combined type: the upper is packing structure, which is used to remove odor components like FFA, the lower is plate type used for heat bleaching and making product quality more consistent. Oil coming from the deodorizer is cooled and stored after series of heat exchange, volatile like FFA is collected and stored as by products.

Dewaxing: It can improve oil palatability, so it plays an important role to the quality of finished oil. At the same time, dewaxing can improve oil transparency and brightness. At present, winterizing method is very popular to dewaxing.

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